Buy Inverter and Battery for Household Use

On a beautiful holiday family members are in a great rush to finish all household work and move for an outing but suddenly power goes off and the entire work comes to halt. After an hour as well clothes are unwashed, cookies still waiting to get baked, children waiting for the geazer to get on and mobiles are uncharged. May be things would have moved on only if the family had a backup power plan.

When you can easily avail the facility of using stored power that can be utilized in emergency then why crush your plans. Inverters are our backup plans that let us store the power which can be used to keep the life on. These have become most sought after electronic product in our lives due to the power it brings to our houses. There are many brands to look for in the market. 

Sukam is a quality name in power sector and offers premium quality inverter batteries. It offers Lead Acid battery, Tubular batteries and Trojan batteries. These inverter batteries come with extremely long life and low maintenance.

Luminous is a well known name in the section of UPS and inverter batteries and comes with exclusive features and designs. Under the UPS section Luminous manly provides Home –UPS that can run your fans, electric lights during power cuts.

Exide has gained the name and fame of heavy duty batteries that fits every requirement.



Luminous Inverter 


Luminous Battery


As inverters play a vital role in our lives, it becomes really important that we choose a good branded inverter that suits our requirement. But one may find it difficult to buy the top class inverters and batteries at best price and even avail the after service facility. Authorized dealers like Aakash electronics gives solution to all your service related queries.

Aakash electronics, an authorized dealer of inverter batteries lets us avail good deals. Aakash Electronics offer energy solutions and are authorized dealer of Amaron car battery in Noida. It gives house to brands like Microtek, Luminous, Sukam , Amaron and Exide.

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