Reasons to Choose Sukam Inverter Battery

With so many companies offering inverters and batteries it becomes tedious to pick up the right one. There are various brands available in the market that provide us range of inverter and batteries that fit our pocket and suit our requirement.

Branded products give us the choice of accessing quality inverters that are durable. Exide, Amaron, Microtek, Luminous, Sukam are some of the brands that have gained the credibility and trust of people. These brands supply us various products that easy fit in our requirement and budget.

But while penning down on quality inverters and batteries the product line and features of brand Sukam cannot be ignored. Sukam is a well known name in the industry that offers innovative products that fulfills varied needs. It is one of the leading power back up, generation and monitoring company in India.

They have been bringing innovative technologies in power back up sector and produces quality products that last longer. They provide wide range of products in energy stream ranging from Inverters to technically advanced solar batteries.

Sukam get you range of products under inverters with varied load capacities and features. You can find three ranges of inverters with differing capacity and usage. Economical range inverters are suitable for homes.  The capacity ranges from 100 VA to 2.5 KVA. Premium range inverters can be used for sensitive products and its capacity ranges between 250 VA to 3.5 KVA. But, under Business range category you can go for various options that mainly suits enterprises or business needs. The capacity ranges anywhere between 600 VA to 100 KVA.

Sukam provides environment friendly batteries that are low maintenance in nature. They provide Lead-Acid battery, Tubular battery and Trojan battery. It even lets the customer convert existing inverters into solar inverters by using Sukam’s solar mate product.


Aaksh electronics is an authorized dealer of inverter batteries in Noida and give house to leading brands like Microtek, Luminous, Sukam , Amaron and Exide. They bring best service and top class branded electronic products.  Aakash Electronics gives you great options and brings best from the market. They are authorized dealer of inverter batteries in Noida.

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